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Pucker up your pout to perfection!

It’s fair to say we can’t all be blessed with bee-stung, perfect pout lips like Angelina Jolie or Brigitte Bardot or with that to die for hint of rouge, so if you’re lacking a little in the lip-a-licious department, the latest in permanent lip colour tattooing could just be what you and your lips have been searching for!

Lips that look ‘au natural’.

Many of our clients come to Shamrock Clinic after having spent years (and money) on the latest lip pouting and plumping make up offerings, must-have lipstick colours, glosses and liners – you name it, but still find they’re not waking up, looking in the mirror and liking the end product. The semi-permanent lipstick trend has moved on leaps and bounds over the few years, with not only lip colour tattooing (a kind of permanent lipstick) but also a brand-new lip ‘blush’ which gives you the option of a more natural and luscious-looking pair of lips. So, if you’ve ever wanted to ditch your drawer full of half-used lipsticks (we’ve all been there haven’t we!) and save valuable time in the morning putting your make up on, then this fabulous procedure is a definitely worth a try!

Make the most of your lips!

For a truly subtle and beautiful cosmetic effect, lip colour tattooing is an excellent way of enhancing the shape and colour of your lips. With skilled application, we’ll help to give the illusion of fuller and more shapely-looking lips, so you look and feel even more gorgeous! This incredible treatment will ensure your lips look A+ all day, every day!

What’s involved in lip colour tattooing?

At Shamrock Clinic we pride ourselves on making our clients feel relaxed, while being pampered at the same time. Simply lie back in our ‘cosy cabin’ and our resident expert, Ann Gibbons, will work her magic! The lip colour treatment usually takes around 120 minutes and you get to choose the colour or blush that is right for you. We currently have some stunning summer colours on offer – you really will be spoilt for choice! Then you’ll be invited to come back for a second follow-up appointment after 6 weeks to make sure everything is to your liking and that your lips have healed nicely.

How long does it last?

It does vary among people and is usually dependent on the specific shade used. Most colours last around 2 to 3 years, although some may not fade for a much longer period. Touch-ups are recommended every 6 months to keep your lips looking in tip top shape and to keep that ‘just walked out of the salon’ look! You can also choose to change your lip colour choice to stay on trend with the latest seasonal offerings.

Read what our clients say about Shamrock Clinic.

“This lady is fantastic, very professional, extremely patient and makes you feel at ease. Highly recommend her for eyebrows and lip tattoo and blush. I’m over the moon with her work. Thank you!” – Rebecca.

“I go to Ann every few months. It’s so lovely to go to the snug shack and start the conversation up where it left off from the previous appointment and have a good chat.” – Amber.

To book your appointment for a lip colour, liner or boost treatment or to find out more, please call Ann on 01462 813252 or 07872 315763. Prices start from £250.

*Numbing gel is applied pre-treatment.


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