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Get the lowdown on Microblading- the hottest trend for your brows!

Are you an over-plucker? Have you looked at your eyebrows in the mirror recently and wondered where they have disappeared too? Are you constantly having to use an eye pencil which ends up down your face as it smudges or wears off in the summer heat? If any of these apply to you, then read on, as help is at hand (or should that be brow?!)

To microblade or not to microblade, that is the question.

At Shamrock Clinic, many of our clients come to us for some of the reasons mentioned above, but most importantly, they just want to feel good about themselves and their brows once again. We all know as we get older, our pesky eyebrows get a little lack lustre, thinner, sometimes even threadbare like they are hanging on for dear life! Using this incredible microblading technique, the latest state of the art treatment for your brows, you really can have natural-looking brows AND the colour you have always wanted, within just a couple of appointments.

How it works:

Microblading is a form of tattooing, but unlike regular tattoo artistry it is where pigment is implanted under your skin with a manual handheld tool instead of a machine to draw hair-like strokes which resemble natural hairs in your brows. It gives you a tingling sensation when it’s being done. Simply lie back and enjoy the experience!

Is it right for me?

Anyone who requires definition in the eyebrow department will absolutely love the microblading procedure and the time saved never ever having to purchase or use an eye pencil again! The good news is, once the procedure is complete, you can swim and soak up that holiday sunshine without worrying about losing your eyebrow hair or fading eye pencil. If you have very little or no eyebrow hair at all, this will change your life forever!

Feel good after illness or chemo.

For anyone who has gone through skin conditions such as alopecia or illnesses which have involved chemotherapy sessions and resulted in hair loss, this procedure will give you back the hair you have lost, and you get to choose the colour!

How does it look?

The stunning natural-look and feel of microblading make it extremely difficult to tell that you’ve even had it done! You will feel like a brand new you, trust us!

So, if you want to say goodbye to eye pencils and non-existent eyebrows, and hello to BROWLICIOUS brows, simply get in touch to find out more and arrange an appointment today!

Prices start from £250 (first treatment). Contact Ann Gibbons of Shamrock Clinic on 01462 813252 / 07872 315763 or visit


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