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Waxing lyrical!

If, like most women, you want to say goodbye to hairy legs, wild eyebrows and an unkempt bikini line, then waxing is probably for you. And the great news is, at Shamrock Clinic, we are now offering the celebrity-favourite treatment HOT WAX! So, what’s the lowdown on hot waxing? Being one of the most common forms of hair removal, and practised across the world, waxing enables you to get rid of unwanted hair quickly, easily and effectively. While to many, waxing may sound painful, and lots of people have heard horror stories of how much waxing can hurt, the truth is that waxing, particularly hot waxing, when done properly, is almost pain-free and leaves sensational results – yes really! What’s the difference between strip and hot waxing? Hot wax is usually thicker in the pot and is applied more liberally too. Like with strip wax, a spatula is used to apply it and a few layers will be applied to cover the hairy area. Over the next couple of minutes, the wax will begin to harde